Service-learning class connects students to Bloomington’s homeless population through storytelling

Post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Laura Ellsworth: A Spring 2016 intensive writing course titled “The Rhetoric of Home and Citizenship” turned into more than an academic learning experience for IU instructor Laura Clapper and her students. Their work became the focus of the documentary “Like You, I Have a Story to Tell,” created as […]

IU student discusses her family’s connection to Abraham Lincoln, in honor of his upcoming birthday

Post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Bailey Briscoe: Growing up, I always declared Abraham Lincoln as my favorite president. Even though I wasn’t alive to witness his time in office, the pages in the history books that covered slavery and Lincoln’s moves to abolish it were the most intriguing to me as a young girl. […]

‘If it wasn’t for this scholarship, I don’t know that I would be able to go to college’

From an early age, a college education was always in Elijah Secrest’s sights. “My parents always set high academic standards for us,” said Secrest, a sophomore studying media advertising at The Media School. “They didn’t have a college degree but they always expected us to do better.” But with five children at home — Secrest […]

Preserving a community through storytelling

Post courtesy of IU newsroom intern Amanda N. Marino: Over Thanksgiving break, while many people were eating turkey and watching IU secure an Old Oaken Bucket victory, I headed south determined to collect stories while also adding to my own. I was one of 14 Media School students who traveled to Costa Rica as part […]

Student Amanda Marino details the setbacks and triumphs of being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

Post courtesy of IU newsroom intern Amanda N. Marino: When the emergency room nurse poked his head into my room and asked me if I was diabetic, I of course told him no. Type 1 diabetes didn’t run in my family, and I was already 20 years old, almost completely outside the window of a […]

IUDM members skydive with teddy bears to support patients in Riley Hospital for Children

Post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Amanda N. Marino: Jumping out of a perfectly good plane was not something Indiana University senior Annie Patton needed to do. It wasn’t on her bucket list, and she’s no adrenaline junkie. If Patton was going to jump out of a plane though, it was going to be “For […]

IU students make Welcome Week a fun and educational event

As a resident assistant at the McNutt Quadrangle Residence Hall, Eleanor Broyles helps create a safe, fun and welcoming environment for Indiana University students. Throughout the school year, the junior studying recreational sport management makes sure her residents are making the most out of campus. That is especially true during Welcome Week – a week […]

IU Late Nite provides students safe, late-night fun

Post by IU Newsroom intern Alex Kimbrell Located in the center of campus, the Indiana Memorial Union provides students with a place to meet, relax, study and grab a bite to eat on their way to class. On Friday nights, dozens of nocturnal students keep the energy alive long after most places have closed for […]

IU experts offer tips on having a fun and safe spring break

Post by IU newsroom intern Alex Kimbrell: Whether it’s a beach vacation, a mountain hiking expedition or volunteering half-way across the world, spring break can produce some unforgettable moments. However, the key to having a successful vacation is to make it memorable for all the right reasons. With spring break quickly approaching, it’s important to be […]