‘If it wasn’t for this scholarship, I don’t know that I would be able to go to college’

From an early age, a college education was always in Elijah Secrest’s sights. “My parents always set high academic standards for us,” said Secrest, a sophomore studying media advertising at The Media School. “They didn’t have a college degree but they always expected us to do better.” But with five children at home — Secrest […]

Study abroad program at IU provides students a chance to see the world

IU Bloomington freshman Toni Pringley always knew she wanted to study abroad. So when the telecommunications major heard about the study abroad program through the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs, she knew she wanted to apply. While still in consideration for an upcoming trip to Ghana, Pringley is one step closer […]

‘For me, MLK Day is about helping our community and doing what we can to share his legacy’

The first time recent Indiana University alumna Aja Morrow attended IU Bloomington’s annual Unity Summit on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, she was surprised. Not only were hundreds of students in attendance, on a day they could have otherwise had off, but they all were open to sharing their experiences of diversity and discrimination. “It […]

“Being a part of this group, I feel like I have a connection with everyone here”

When Angelica Navarro stepped onto the IU Bloomington campus for the fall semester she felt empowered. As part of IU’s Groups Scholars Program, Navarro started her freshman year with six weeks of college/academic experience under her belt and almost 400 new friends. “A lot of freshmen come here and they are so overwhelmed,” said Navarro. […]