‘It’s really important to me to use my voice for the millions of sufferers of all chronic diseases’

Post courtesy of IU newsroom intern Bailey Briscoe: At 6 years old, Sneha Dave was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The chronic inflammatory bowel disease that causes ulcers on the large intestine is also an autoimmune disease, which means that in addition to her body shutting down from the disease, her immune system was attacking itself. […]

Summer camp provides a unique experience to area children and IU students

Just five minutes into a day at Camp Connections, and there is no doubt Adam Shahadey is having a good time. Full of energy and quick with a smile, Adam spent a recent camp day running around the Templeton Elementary School gymnasium, creating art projects and learning vocabulary words. “It’s a great program,” said his […]

Valentines at Ballantine: Students share their love for IU

Post by IU newsroom intern Alex Kimbrell: Let’s face it – Indiana University holds a special place in every Hoosier’s heart. In the spirit of all that is love, we went in search of students whose hearts bleed cream and crimson. During our travels, we discovered that one of the best places to find valentines is in […]