IU Late Nite provides students safe, late-night fun

Post by IU Newsroom intern Alex Kimbrell

Located in the center of campus, the Indiana Memorial Union provides students with a place to meet, relax, study and grab a bite to eat on their way to class.

iu late nite

Students play pool during a recent IU Late Nite event. | Photo courtesy of IU Late Nite

On Friday nights, dozens of nocturnal students keep the energy alive long after most places have closed for the night, all in the spirit of IU Late Nite, an after-dark program that brings a safe party atmosphere right to students’ doorstep.

“I’ve come to Late Nite three times and every time there’s always something different to do,” said Freshman Erica Gummre. “Late Nite is really close to my dorm, so it’s easy for my friends and I to just come over and do things that we wouldn’t have a chance to do if we just stayed in. Plus, there’s always cool prizes to win and crafts to make, which makes coming to Late Nite even more fun to be a part of.”

Making a comeback from its first appearance in the ‘90s, IU Late Nite offers free activities to all students, including concerts, bowling, movies, rollerblading and even zip-lining.

Over 21,000 students have attended Late Nite this year, with events happening from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at various locations around campus. The events are held in all three campus neighborhoods, from the Hoosier Dens in the Read and Foster residence halls to larger events held at the Indiana Memorial Union.

Having a variety of locations gives students from all parts of campus the opportunity to attend events without having to worry about traveling long distances at night. The program also partners with the IU Night Owl Campus Bus Service to provide transportation for students who are looking for a quick, convenient way to get to and from events.

iu late nite

IU Late Nite offers numerous events such karaoke, concerts, crafts and movies. | Photo courtesy of IU Late Nite

Jackie Daniels, director of OASIS, IU Bloomington’s campus-wide alcohol and drug prevention, education, intervention and counseling service, has contributed to the development of IU Late Nite since it first began in spring 2015. Many students, Daniels said, have expressed interest in going out with friends without being surrounded by their idea of “party culture.”

“Our campus is full of students who are looking for fun things to do at night without having the pressure to consume drugs and alcohol,” Daniels said. “IU Late Nite is just that. It’s a place where students can come and not worry about being pressured to do anything. They can just relax, have fun with their friends and try things they’ve never done before.”

As Little 500 approaches and the semester comes to a close, Daniels wants students to know they have plenty of options when it comes to activities at night.

“April is packed full of Late Nite events students can participate in,” Daniels said. “From free movie showings at the IU Cinema to trivia and karaoke nights, students are going to find that there’s plenty of things to do with their friends without even having to leave campus.”

More IU Late Nite activities and other events happening around campus are available online. Follow @IULateNite on Twitter for the latest updates or check out IU Late Nite on Facebook.

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