Valentines at Ballantine: Students share their love for IU

Post by IU newsroom intern Alex Kimbrell:

Ballantine Hall

Students leave Ballantine Hall, a staple among undergraduate students.

Let’s face it – Indiana University holds a special place in every Hoosier’s heart. In the spirit of all that is love, we went in search of students whose hearts bleed cream and crimson. During our travels, we discovered that one of the best places to find valentines is in our own Ballantine Hall. (See what we did there?)

Below are a few of the reasons students love IU. Happy Valentine’s Day, Hoosiers!

  • “I really love all of the relationships I’ve made with professors. The professors I’ve had have challenged me and made me reflect on my own educational path.” — David Bender, freshman majoring in physics in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • “I love how big the campus is. I’m from St. Louis, so the size of IU’s campus almost makes me feel like I’m at home.” — Abby Frick, junior majoring in management in the Kelley School of Business
  • “I love that there are so many things to do on campus. There’s just a sense of community when you’re here.” — Halle Hammer, senior majoring in apparel merchandising in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • IU Valentines

    And what’s Valentine’s Day without a cheesy Valentine?

    “IU is a very friendly school. The professors here are always so supportive.” — Nicole Eilar, freshman  majoring in elementary education in the School of Education

  • “Joining the Theta Phi Alpha sorority has been the best experience for me so far. The experience of going Greek has made me feel extremely welcomed.” — Jacqueline Stone, freshman majoring in psychology and criminal justice in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • “I’m an English and Spanish major, and IU has tons of classes that support both of my interests.” — Caitlin Mulholland, sophomore majoring in English and Spanish in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • “I love all of the friends I’ve met here. I live in McNutt and everyone there is really friendly.” — Daylen Dunlap, freshman majoring in business in the Kelley School of Business
  • “I love how there are so many different people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures here.” — Jake LaMar, freshman majoring in chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • “What really drew me to this campus was the scenery. It’s a real stress reliever for me.” — Robert Kendall, sophomore majoring in environmental and sustainability and  in IU’s College of Arts and Sciences

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