Collaborative partnerships benefit undergraduate, graduate student researchers

Post by IU Communications colleague Andrea Zeek: Student researchers at Indiana University learn a lot from faculty mentors, but collaborations with fellow students are often just as rich a learning experience. In research labs across campus, one such collaboration is between undergraduate students and their graduate student mentors. In addition to creating a more personalized […]

5 ways to better manage finals stress

Post by IU Communications colleague Milana Katic: It’s the end of the semester. Dead week is actually alive and well with final papers and presentations, and you have eight to 16 weeks’ worth of information waiting to be crammed into your brain for at least four different subjects next week. Needless to say, you might […]

Class gives IU students real-world experience helping the community

Arpita Bala has a good reason for wanting to do well in her Acquiring and Managing External Funds for Health and Human Services class this semester. “The big thing for me is we are not doing this work just to get a grade and pass the course,” said Bala, who is working toward a master’s […]