SPEA graduate student Michailean Taylor gives back through playback theatre

Post by IU Newsroom intern Tori Lawhorn: Michailean Taylor traveled more than 2,800 miles to come to Indiana University. After studying theatre, arts, literature and English during his undergraduate career in his home country of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Taylor, now 26 years old, decided to pursue his graduate degree at IU in […]

Freshman Samuel Fogel races to campus, but with a late start

Post by IU Communications colleague Milana Katic:  In the weeks approaching Welcome Week at Indiana University Bloomington, most incoming freshmen concern themselves with packing, saying goodbye to high school friends and Facebook stalking their new roommates (obviously). However, in the case of freshman Samuel Fogel, the weeks approaching his first year at IU were spent […]

Student-led Liberation Music Collective helps spread socially conscious messages through jazz

Post by IU Communications colleague Milana Katic: When most people think of protest music, they think of John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” or Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” But there’s a new generation of musicians eager to make its protests heard. Meet the Liberation Music Collective, a socially conscious big band made up of 16 […]

IU senior Mercedes Jones is leading the way in making sure no student goes hungry

Indiana University senior Mercedes Jones was just looking to fulfill a credit when she took on an internship working on a university food pantry initiative. But what began as a frustrating college requirement quickly turned into a passionate mission: making sure no IU student goes hungry. “At first, I felt it was a burden,” she […]

IU senior helping students make informed financial decisions as part of the MoneySmarts Team

Guest post by Dottie Vollmer, an IU senior and member of IU’s MoneySmarts Team. When I began my college career at IU, my focus was on one day working with children. While that remains my focus, I’ve found another passion through my journey here: helping students navigate the sometimes complex world of finances. It all […]