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Students outside of the student building

Students outside of the student building on the IU Bloomington campus.

Each August, more than 40,000 students make their way to the Indiana University Bloomington campus to embark on or continue a journey that for many will be life changing.

The IU Bloomington campus is widely known for its beauty, world-class education and community of scholars. But it is IU students with their range of diverse backgrounds, experiences, innovative ideas and overall passion for learning who make IU what it is.

With the help of my colleague Milana Katic, the Student Experience blog will highlight the students who make up the IU Bloomington campus by featuring student success stories and student-focused initiatives at IU. It will also dig into issues and topics affecting students today.

The heart and soul of this campus lies in its students. Without them, the university wouldn’t exist, and for that reason IU’s commitment to student success is the university’s top priority. And we can’t wait to share all of these exceptional stories.

If you have any questions, comments or story ideas, please contact me at artoler@iu.edu or Milana at mkatic@iu.edu. We’d love to hear from you.

Watch out for new posts every Wednesday.

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