Places & Spaces: Mapping Science exhibition to debut new ‘macroscopes’ at Vanderbilt University

Post by IU Newsroom intern Laura Ellsworth: Places & Spaces: Mapping Science, a traveling exhibition founded and curated by IU professor Katy Bӧrner, will debut its 2017 iteration at Vanderbilt University on Jan. 23. This international collection of world-class data visualizations will be on display in conjunction with the theme “Our Lives Online.” Bӧrner is an […]

IU informatics researcher earns three federal patents to strengthen user control in the ‘app economy’

“The future is apps” is a phrase commonly uttered by technology experts. Anyone who has ever struggled to find the right app at the right time might not share that opinion, however. Sameer Patil‘s efforts to strike at the heart of this modern dilemma — and also strengthen user privacy in the “app economy” — was […]

La traviata vs. Grand Theft Auto: How will scientists referee the cultural cage match?

Last week Clifford Lynch, executive director of the Coalition for Networked Information, kicked off an impressive run of technology-oriented speakers here at IU Bloomington that continues next week with Google’s Blaise Agüera y Arcas on Monday and Research Data Alliance chair Fran Berman on Tuesday. It goes to show you timing is everything … like […]

For IU’s job-seeking CS women, a chance to stick your boot in the door

So it’s going to be a skin-sizzling 35 degrees Fahrenheit or so this Thursday – the highest climb the thermometer will make during this winter work week – but if you’re looking for someplace hot, really hot, ground zero will be the Bloomington Convention Center where IU students can immerse in a job market hotter […]

Scientists confirm beautiful nano-butterflies, predicted decades ago by Hofstadter

Butterflies were in the news last week. Hofstadter butterflies that is – the self-similar patterns of electrons in a magnetic field that Indiana University distinguished professor Douglas Hofstadter predicted to exist in 1976, shortly after Hofstadter had received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Oregon. Hofstadter’s nearly 40-year-old prediction of one of the […]