Craft brewing is a passion and a business for IU biochemist and cancer researcher Matt Bochman

When Matt Bochman arrived at Indiana University Bloomington three years ago as an assistant professor of molecular and cellular biochemistry — fresh off a postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University — one of the first things he did was pay a visit to some of the craft breweries throughout the region. But this tour of the […]

Nobel Laureate and IU professor’s seminal paper highlighted in journal Genetics

Anyone perusing the 100th anniversary issue of the journal Genetics will be treated to a spotlight on a seminal paper from 1943 by a former Indiana University faculty member and Nobel Prize winner. Salvador E. Luria, a member of the IU faculty from 1942 to 1950, conducted an experiment in Bloomington that went on to […]

Research with wacky titles still yields miracles, like former IU biologist Brock’s PCR enzyme

The technology known as polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, has been described as one of most pivotal discoveries in the life sciences in human history. The tool – the ability to generate unlimited copies of a fragment of DNA – has led to the creation of successful drugs and vaccines, accurate genetic tests for diseases, […]

Science at Work: Losing a great like Gest illuminates the gifts received of academia

One of Indiana University’s and this nation’s great scientists will be celebrated tomorrow (June 1) in Bloomington when friends, family and peers gather to honor the life of Howard Gest at Unitarian Universalist Church. Gest had retired from full-time teaching here in 1987 after originally coming to Indiana University as chair of its Department of […]