New student group, IU Public Safety Partners, meeting at IU Bloomington

Indiana University Bloomington students interested in social justice, safety communication, or careers in fields of law enforcement, emergency & safety management or public health should stop by the call-out meeting Tuesday for IU Public Safety Partners, held at 6:30 p.m. at the IMU in State Room East.

The problem with pepper spray

It’s not uncommon for concerned parents to ask police officers for advice about arming soon-to-be new IU students with pepper spray. IUPD-Bloomington Chief Laury Flint, to my surprise, told me that pepper spray can cause more problems than protection.

Over at the IU Police Academy …

Cadets in the IU Police Academy spends six weeks learning in-depth information pertaining to criminal law from some of Monroe County’s current prosecutors. The criminal law course is divided among classroom instruction, prior and recent examples of case law, hands-on scenarios, and regularly administered quizzes.

Sworn to serve

This past weekend, hundreds of family members, friends, and highly respected officials gathered in the Indiana Memorial Union’s Alumni Hall to watch the 2015 IU Police Academy cadets be officially sworn in as police officers. Cadets from every IU campus walked across the stage and took the oath that solidified their new status, while IU Police Department chiefs from across the state watched.

The IU Police Academy: Where cadets take the next step toward careers in law enforcement

Thirty-seven Indiana University students are at a pivotal point in their college careers and ambitions to work in law enforcement. This week they began the IU Police Academy as cadets. In August, if all goes well with their various courses, they will graduate from the academy as sworn law enforcement officers. “If they successfully complete the IU Police Academy, they will have their academic degree, Indiana Law Enforcement Certification and job experience when they graduate from IU.”

IU Notify alerts: Safety vs. complaints

On one hand, the decision to issue an IU Notify emergency alert, even if it means waking up many people and their loved ones, is simple – it’s the right call to help students and employees avoid injuries (or worse) resulting from an immediate threat. On the other hand, it’s complicated.