Ken Long named IU Bloomington director of emergency management and continuity

Ken Long has been named director of emergency management and continuity for IU Bloomington after serving as interim director this spring and as assistant director since 2009.

‘Run Hide Fight’ good to know whether you use it or not

Butler University in Indianapolis released a video this week describing the Run Hide Fight model for surviving an active shooter situation – it’s the same strategy IU Emergency Management and Continuity and IUPD promote to students and staff.

Emergency guide, procedures grid for faculty, staff, students

Whether you’re a long-time professor at IU or an adjunct instructor teaching just one course, you can expect students to look to you for guidance during a crisis. IU Emergency Management and Continuity staff prepared a faculty quick guide, emergency procedures grid and syllabus inserts to help you know what to do and who to call.

New certificate demonstrates a commitment to emergency preparedness

IU Emergency Management and Continuity, in cooperation with University Human Resources, has begun offering the new Campus Emergency Preparedness Certificate program for IU employees. The program offers both professional development for individual employees and subject matter specialists for their departments.

Who’s your building manager?

Have you ever wondered who to turn to during a disaster? Did you know people in each building on campus are collaborating to ensure your safety during a potential emergency?

Stranded vehicle 101

Winter weather can wreak havoc with daily commutes to and from campus. IU students and employees may want to review the tips below in case they find themselves in the unenviable – and scary – position of being stranded in their vehicles amid plunging temperatures and hazardous conditions.

Perks of working with safety, public health and security experts — very cool gift tips

If, like me, you’re still shopping, my colleagues at Indiana University Public Safety and Institutional Assurance have offered some great suggestions — in various price ranges – for gifts that make thoughtful picks any time of the year.

What would you do if you heard gunfire?

Classes were not in session when a full-scale active shooter exercise was conducted at IU Bloomington on Nov. 25. But students and IU employees don’t need a formal exercise to think about possible actions they can take during a shooter scenario.

Winter is coming — are you prepared?

Many people spend at least a third of their day away from home — either in vehicles or at work. John Summerlot offers this timely reminder that preparing for winter emergencies is as simple as stuffing a backpack with items from around the house and tossing it in the car.