Know where to go during Tuesday’s tornado drills?

On Tuesday, students and staff at Indiana University will have the opportunity to try out what they would do if in the path of a tornado. As our peers at IU Kokomo know, the threat is real — a tornado caused considerable damange near the Kokomo campus last summer. While Indiana averages 20 tornadoes annually, it saw 35 last year.

I shouldn’t expect to hear the sirens indoors? Really?!

Judging from the feedback we received after Operation Stormy Weather, a lot of people are like me and think outdoor sirens should be heard indoors, too, to alert us to oncoming tornadoes. I’ve got news for you.

Where’s the snow? Don’t worry — it will be back

Whether you like it or not, you must brave icy, frigid conditions — and they will be back — in order to get to class. Professors and their in-lecture notes don’t wait for the snow to stop falling, so it’s up to us to find a way to get there. Luckily, I have just what you need!

Vote — and stock up

Have you voted for PPE Top Model? Please use our ballot, where you’ll see pictures of more than 70 Indiana University employees – and one police dog – wearing personal protective equipment that helps protect them on the job. And then consider stashing some of the PPE, such as gloves and hard hats, at home to keep you and your family safer during chores or disasters.

Mass casualties: Let’s talk about that

Nobody wants to think about horrific things happening at Indiana University that could result in loss of life for even one student or employee, let alone large numbers of people; yet many people do think about this very thing – because it’s part of their jobs.

Who’s your building manager?

Have you ever wondered who to turn to during a disaster? Did you know people in each building on campus are collaborating to ensure your safety during a potential emergency?

IU Bloomington: How are decisions to cancel classes made?

So, how does IU Bloomington decide when to cancel classes, when to issue a delay, and when – with sub-zero wind chills — to stay open?

Stranded vehicle 101

Winter weather can wreak havoc with daily commutes to and from campus. IU students and employees may want to review the tips below in case they find themselves in the unenviable – and scary – position of being stranded in their vehicles amid plunging temperatures and hazardous conditions.

Winter is coming — are you prepared?

Many people spend at least a third of their day away from home — either in vehicles or at work. John Summerlot offers this timely reminder that preparing for winter emergencies is as simple as stuffing a backpack with items from around the house and tossing it in the car.

IU Notify alerts: Safety vs. complaints

On one hand, the decision to issue an IU Notify emergency alert, even if it means waking up many people and their loved ones, is simple – it’s the right call to help students and employees avoid injuries (or worse) resulting from an immediate threat. On the other hand, it’s complicated.