I shouldn’t expect to hear the sirens indoors? Really?!

Judging from the feedback we received after Operation Stormy Weather, a lot of people are like me and think outdoor sirens should be heard indoors, too, to alert us to oncoming tornadoes. I’ve got news for you.

Raising IU’s risk IQ

What sorts of events or circumstances threaten Indiana University’s ability to satisfy its core missions? That is, what sorts of conditions would dramatically reduce our ability to teach, conduct research, and serve the community? Who knows? Well, thanks to the efforts of Merri Beth Lavagnino, university leadership is gaining a good understanding of how to think in those terms.

Emergency guide, procedures grid for faculty, staff, students

Whether you’re a long-time professor at IU or an adjunct instructor teaching just one course, you can expect students to look to you for guidance during a crisis. IU Emergency Management and Continuity staff prepared a faculty quick guide, emergency procedures grid and syllabus inserts to help you know what to do and who to call.

IU Notify alerts: Safety vs. complaints

On one hand, the decision to issue an IU Notify emergency alert, even if it means waking up many people and their loved ones, is simple – it’s the right call to help students and employees avoid injuries (or worse) resulting from an immediate threat. On the other hand, it’s complicated.

Tornado season: Don’t let severe weather catch you by surprise

Mid-summer is the time for cookouts, beach days and general fun in the sun. However, mid-summer also marks tornado season in the Midwest, a time to keep a look out for any possible severe weather. Debbi Fletcher, IU Bloomington’s director of emergency management and continuity, said tornadoes can occur at anytime of day, and have occurred in every month of the year.

Run, hide, fight

The concept of “Run, hide, fight,” is gaining buzz as a way for people to mentally prepare for such horrible scenarios as an active shooter situation. This post includes a short video that discusses “Run, hide, fight” in detail.

The next alert may not be from us!

I think you’ll want to read this message that my colleague Jesse Campbell wrote and posted to the Protect IU blog. With new technology, FEMA and wireless phone companies can now send emergency alerts to your smartphone. It’s a good thing … I think. by Jesse Campbell, IU Emergency Management and Continuity With each new […]