Tips for avoiding ransomware

Learn about ransomware and how you can avoid the costly consequences of getting caught.

New student group, IU Public Safety Partners, meeting at IU Bloomington

Indiana University Bloomington students interested in social justice, safety communication, or careers in fields of law enforcement, emergency & safety management or public health should stop by the call-out meeting Tuesday for IU Public Safety Partners, held at 6:30 p.m. at the IMU in State Room East.

The problem with pepper spray

It’s not uncommon for concerned parents to ask police officers for advice about arming soon-to-be new IU students with pepper spray. IUPD-Bloomington Chief Laury Flint, to my surprise, told me that pepper spray can cause more problems than protection.

Marina’s safety tips for new students (she’s been there)

IU Bloomington senior Marina Allen has some safety tips for new students.

Over at the IU Police Academy …

Cadets in the IU Police Academy spends six weeks learning in-depth information pertaining to criminal law from some of Monroe County’s current prosecutors. The criminal law course is divided among classroom instruction, prior and recent examples of case law, hands-on scenarios, and regularly administered quizzes.

Phishing scams impersonate senior administrators at IU

Indiana University information security staff report that email scammers impersonating IU senior leadership have attempted to acquire sensitive personal data, monetary transfers and unauthorized purchases in recent months.

Crime prevention and safety tips for spring break

When traveling abroad or domestically, safety precautions and common sense can help you enjoy your trip to the max.

Protecting your mobile devices — and data — begins before you travel

If you’re traveling during spring break, Indiana University’s data security experts say there are steps you can take before you leave – in addition to during your travels – to make sure you’re not haunted by cyberattacks long after you return.

Reducing cyber threats at IU: a multi-layered, proactive undertaking

IT leaders at IU discuss in several publications the tricky business of cybersecurity within higher education and the proactive approach taken at Indiana University.

New online data privacy tutorial useful, brief

Recently, I completed the IU Data Protection & Privacy Tutorial available through’s E Training app. I began the tutorial assuming it would be full of elaborate vocabulary and geared towards staff and faculty, but was pleasantly surprised just 15 short minutes later.