Where’s the snow? Don’t worry — it will be back

Whether you like it or not, you must brave icy, frigid conditions — and they will be back — in order to get to class. Professors and their in-lecture notes don’t wait for the snow to stop falling, so it’s up to us to find a way to get there. Luckily, I have just what you need!

IU Bloomington: How are decisions to cancel classes made?

So, how does IU Bloomington decide when to cancel classes, when to issue a delay, and when – with sub-zero wind chills — to stay open?

Stranded vehicle 101

Winter weather can wreak havoc with daily commutes to and from campus. IU students and employees may want to review the tips below in case they find themselves in the unenviable – and scary – position of being stranded in their vehicles amid plunging temperatures and hazardous conditions.

Winter is coming — are you prepared?

Many people spend at least a third of their day away from home — either in vehicles or at work. John Summerlot offers this timely reminder that preparing for winter emergencies is as simple as stuffing a backpack with items from around the house and tossing it in the car.