Business continuity plans — save ’em if you’ve got ’em

IU Ready, the tool used at Indiana University to create and store business continuity plans (every department should have one), is being upgraded Nov. 17-18. The 800 plus plans stored on IU Ready won’t be available during the upgrade so plan coordinators are asked to download a copy in case it’s needed.

Firefighters putting out a fire


Business continuity plans detail how departments would continue conducting their work if faced by short-term or long-term emergencies, such as power outages or fires. The plans should be updated annual and are examined when departments are audited.

Cinda Haff, the business continuity manager for IU Emergency Management and Continuity, says the upgrade should make IU Reader easier to use. Navigation is more intuitive, reports will be viewable on screen, and it will be mobile. Here are more details about the transition and changes to the new IU Ready:

  • Contents of existing department business continuity plans will migrated into the new version of the product at the time of the upgrade.
  • The new version reflects a refreshed look and feel that may assist in efforts to collect and manage business continuity details.
  • New ‘global navigation menu,’ with links to details screens, appears on every screen in the application. This replaces the menu tabs that were unique to each screen in the prior version
  • Guidance panels, specific information for each screen on how to input your data, hav been upgraded to provide clearer and more meaningful instructions.
  • For managing plan access, the use of the Gatekeeper role has been discontinued — the user type “plan manager” will be used for managing plan content and access. Two other roles are available – “plan editors” can update individual plan content and “plan viewers” have view only access.
  • New product version provides one screen to manage plan status instead of multiple steps/screens used in the old version to mark the plan as complete/current.
  • Improved reports with greater detail and added graphic display options for output.

IU Emergency Management and Continuity is part of Public Safety and Institutional Assurance, which falls under the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs and the Office of the Vice President for IT and CIO.

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