Protecting your mobile devices — and data — begins before you travel

If you’re traveling during spring break, Indiana University’s data security experts say there are steps you can take before you leave – in addition to during your travels – to make sure you’re not haunted by cyberattacks long after you return.

Reducing cyber threats at IU: a multi-layered, proactive undertaking

IT leaders at IU discuss in several publications the tricky business of cybersecurity within higher education and the proactive approach taken at Indiana University.

‘Run Hide Fight’ good to know whether you use it or not

Butler University in Indianapolis released a video this week describing the Run Hide Fight model for surviving an active shooter situation – it’s the same strategy IU Emergency Management and Continuity and IUPD promote to students and staff.

New online data privacy tutorial useful, brief

Recently, I completed the IU Data Protection & Privacy Tutorial available through’s E Training app. I began the tutorial assuming it would be full of elaborate vocabulary and geared towards staff and faculty, but was pleasantly surprised just 15 short minutes later.