New certificate demonstrates a commitment to emergency preparedness

Guest contribution by John Summerlot, IU Emergency Management and Continuity’s emergency management coordinator for IU Bloomington.

IU Emergency Management and Continuity, in cooperation with University Human Resources, has begun offering the new Campus Emergency Preparedness Certificate program for IU employees. The program offers both professional development for individual employees and subject matter specialists for their departments.

Drill sign for an exerciseThose who pursue the CEPC will learn about and participate in a dynamic range of emergency preparedness and response activities throughout the 100-hour program. Customizable activities and flexible scheduling were intentionally built into the program to meet the diverse needs of the IU community.

The skills and activities include things such as short online classes through the Department of Homeland Security, participation in campus emergency drills (active shooter, earthquake, etc.), on-campus classes, and individual skill development such as CPR/1st Aid certification and creating an emergency kit for your office. CEPC candidates will also have the opportunity to learn about how IU Public Safety & Institutional Assurance responds to campus emergencies, including touring the Emergency Operations Center and participating in exercises ranging from active shooter to pandemic response.

A registration form is available on the Educational Materials page of Protect.IU.

Candidates have two years to complete the CEPC requirements. Many IU employees may already have attended training that would count if they work in life safety roles or if they are a part of their building’s emergency control committee.

Learn more about the role of building managers and emergency control committee members

Most of the classes and activities are free. Additional certifications, such first aid and CPR, could require a fee. Additional information is available in this flyer. Here is a registration form.

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