Phone scam at IU South Bend, security experts want to know

In this Digital Age of ours, with the constant barrage of email phishing (don’t forget to report it), some scammers still go “old school” by using the telephone. Employees at IU South Bend have reported incidents of telephone phishing attempts where the caller purports to be from the Microsoft help desk and requests the employees’ username or asks them to install software.

IU Notify emergency notifications available on desktop computers

Students and employees at Indiana University will begin seeing emergency notifications from IU Notify on their desktop computers. The full-screen pop-ups bypass pop-up blockers and can be quickly dismissed once viewed.

IUPD cadets practice criminal law, vehicle searches and seizures

The IUPD cadets put their criminal law course to the test June 5. With the help of knowledgeable instructors — attorneys with the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office, actors, fake drug paraphernalia and weaponry, and preplanned scenarios, the cadets received a hands-on experience of identifying and applying the “automobile exception” for warrantless searches of vehicles.