IU Notify emergency notifications available on desktop computers

Students and employees at Indiana University will begin seeing emergency notifications from IU Notify on their desktop computers. The full-screen pop-ups bypass pop-up blockers and can be quickly dismissed once viewed.

Alertus desktop notifications will provide emergency informationIU Notify emergency notifications, which are time-sensitive, already can be sent to more than 90,000 people via phones (voice and text), email, digital signs, Webpage banners, Facebook and Twitter. IU Notify crime alerts, which are less time-sensitive, are sent through email.

“Emergency Management and Continuity staff strongly recommend that you take advantage of desktop alerts, particularly for those times when cell phones do not work or are turned off, or in locations where cell phone signals are not available,” said Marge Abels, emergency communications analyst for IUEMC.

Initially the Alertus desktop alerts will appear on all active desktops with Alertus software installed, including all Student Technology Center workstations, most classroom computers, and some faculty/staff machines based on campus or department. At IU Southeast and IU South Bend, the desktop notifications will appear on all workstations.

To install the Alertus software on your personally owned Windows or Mac computer, download it from IUware. Departments or schools should contact their IT Pros for installation information.

IU Notify contact information can be updated in One.IU.edu after searching for IU Notify. For more about Alertus, email iunotify@iu.edu.

IU Emergency Management and Continuity is part of Public Safety and Institutional Assurance at IU.

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