Who’s your building manager?

Guest contribution from Lindsey Reimlinger, intern for Emergency Management and Continuity. Public Safety and Institutional Assurance is sharing pictures of some of these important volunteers and employees on Instagram and Twitter.

Have you ever wondered who to turn to during a disaster? Did you know people in each building on campus are collaborating to ensure your safety during a potential emergency?

Building managers and emergency control committee members throughout Indiana University Bloomington are liaisons who attend Building Incident Management Training and are knowledgeable about the evacuation plans and protocols for an emergency or natural disaster in their center.

Good people to know

Genevieve Prichard

Genevieve Prichard

“They (building managers) are a good resource to know outside of an emergency and during an emergency,” said John Summerlot. As emergency management coordinator for IU Bloomington and the regional campuses, Summerlot coordinates the BIMT training for all of the centers and frequently evaluates the buildings and communicates with the building managers.

Building managers not only initiate and coordinate procedures during an emergency, they lay a lot of the foundation for keeping maps and materials up-to-date throughout the year regarding all safety protocols. They often work with other entities on campus such as Physical Plant and IU Public Safety to ensure all building issues are remedied. Their role is vital in maintaining and implementing emergency action plans and supplying guidance to staff during emergencies.

Genevieve Pritchard, associate director of the Office of International Development, has also volunteered as a building manager for the past two years.

“It helps and makes sense to have everything running through one central person for continuity and efficiency,” she said.

Who’s in charge?

The emergency control committee within a department is responsible for the full evacuation of a specific floor. They also coordinate the emergency response efforts of a single floor or department during an emergency while the building manager addresses the entire building. Buddies are an optional assistance program used in many buildings to support people with any type of disability or access/functional need during an evacuation. As a buddy, you are paired up with people in a department who may have particular requirements that you can fulfill while exiting the vicinity.


Jacob Benson

People either volunteer in these different positions on top of completing their regularly appointed positions or are specifically employed to manage a large scale building full-time. To get involved as a building manager, emergency control committee member, or buddy, it is important to ask your department supervisor or the current building manager.

Jacob Benson is a full-time building manager for Bryan and Franklin halls and works in Office of Space Planning, too.

“The best part of this job is being there for the occupants of the building,” he said.

Altogether, the network of building managers, emergency control committee members (more than 2,250 people combined), and buddies strive to protect us all from whatever disaster may lie ahead.

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