Chill out this winter with social media, safety tips from IU experts

Information and some preparations can take the bite out of bitter winter temperatures and storms.

Health officials: ‘It is by no means too late to get a flu shot’

The number of influenza cases across the country and state continue to be high so IU health officials are asking students and staff to take preventive measures, which include getting a flu shot even though the vaccine is less effective this year. Vaccines are available at the IU Health Center on the Bloomington campus, IUPUI Campus Health, and at several other IU campuses.

Stranded vehicle 101

Winter weather can wreak havoc with daily commutes to and from campus. IU students and employees may want to review the tips below in case they find themselves in the unenviable – and scary – position of being stranded in their vehicles amid plunging temperatures and hazardous conditions.