What would you do if you heard gunfire?

Classes were not in session when a full-scale active shooter exercise was conducted at IU Bloomington on Nov. 25. But students and IU employees don’t need a formal exercise to think about possible actions they can take during a shooter scenario.

It’s time to be extra careful about the spread of viruses and “bugs”

This time of year is synonymous with colds, viruses and other nasty “bugs” that can make you sick. In addition to getting a flu vaccine, it’s a good time to review basic health and hygiene practices that can help protect against numerous illnesses.

Continued collaboration, increased police patrols, geared toward keeping students safe

All of us at Indiana University are shocked and distraught at the incident last weekend in Bloomington, where IU students were terrorized — two sexually assaulted at gunpoint — by two men who forced their way into their locked, off-campus apartment. While it is impossible to guarantee that this sort of act will never happen again, IUPD, working with our partners at BPD, is committed to doing whatever it can to make campus and the community as safe as possible.

Winter is coming — are you prepared?

Many people spend at least a third of their day away from home — either in vehicles or at work. John Summerlot offers this timely reminder that preparing for winter emergencies is as simple as stuffing a backpack with items from around the house and tossing it in the car.

IU Notify alerts: Safety vs. complaints

On one hand, the decision to issue an IU Notify emergency alert, even if it means waking up many people and their loved ones, is simple – it’s the right call to help students and employees avoid injuries (or worse) resulting from an immediate threat. On the other hand, it’s complicated.