What would you do if you heard gunfire?

More than 150 people — first responders such as police and firefighters, communication staff, campus administrators — participated in an active shooter exercise at IU Bloomington on Tuesday, running through what they would do if a shooting occurred on campus.

Classes were not in session because of Thanksgiving break, but students and IU employees don’t need a formal exercise to think about possible actions they could take during a shooter scenario. This earlier blog post discusses the Run, Hide, Fight concept, a strategy that should be reviewed and considered because of the importance of having a plan.

The exercise is now history but its impact is far from over. I’ve started creating my to-do list and will begin chipping away at it today. And I’m not alone. A formal after-action report will be prepared and discussed with responsibility assigned for various solutions to issues ID’d during the exercise, where monitors carefully noted areas for improvement.

I’m including below a WISH-TV report of the exercise. It also was covered by the Bloomington Herald-Times, Indiana Public Media and WTHR-TV. The exercise was coordinated by IU Emergency Management and Continuity and is part of IUEMC’s active shooter exercise program, which has held similar exercises at most of IU’s campuses.

IUEMC is part of IU Public Safety and Institutional Assurance, which comprises IUEMC, IU Public Safety, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety Management and other offices designed to help keep IU students and employees safe from physical and cyber threats.


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