Lecture to explore links between Ostrom research, free-market environmentalism

Elinor Ostrom showed that groups and individuals working at the local level can manage shared resources without resorting to private ownership or government regulation. Vincent Ostrom explained polycentric governance, multiple centers of decision-making that operate independently and effectively. Terry Anderson draws on both to explore the potential for free-market environmentalism, which applies markets and property […]

IU anthropologist urges collaboration with local peoples in creating climate mitigation policies

Post by Kevin Fryling, who normally writes at the Science at Work blog: Large-scale, international conservation and climate change mitigation efforts must engage with the voices and needs of local and indigenous people, IU anthropologist Eduardo S. Brondizio writes in an essay published June 10 in the journal Science. The essay was written in collaboration […]

Book tells of the life and work of an environmental pioneer

Lynton Keith Caldwell is probably best known at IU Bloomington as a key figure in the founding of the university’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, which in four decades has grown to be one of the largest and best public affairs and policy institutions in the country. But his legacy is much bigger. Caldwell, […]