IU study: Religious differences between men and women fade at higher income levels

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Scholars typically agree that women are more religious than men. New Indiana University research shows, however, that there is little difference between women and men who are high earners. When factoring in income, the greater differences in religiosity appear within, not across, genders. Landon Schnabel, a Ph.D. candidate […]

ACLU official: Religious refusals deny rights, not just services

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Religious refusals to provide reproductive care such as abortions, contraception and sterilization directly discriminate against women, said Louise Melling, the American Civil Liberties Union deputy legal director and director of the organization’s Center for Liberty. Melling delivered the lecture “Religious Refusals and Reproductive Rights: Conscience as Discrimination and […]

Studies examine religious attitudes toward gender equality, sexual orientation

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre New research suggests that religious affiliations in both the United States and worldwide correlate with gender equality and views toward gender and homosexuality. Landon Schnabel, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology at Indiana University Bloomington, published two recent articles considering the effects of religion in the […]