College ‘Luminary’ Marie Harf followed father to IU, political science

Marie Harf was scheduled to be in Bloomington this week for an IU College of Arts and Sciences Luminaries panel discussion. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. When you’re deputy spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, things tend to come up – like traveling to Oman to handle communications while Secretary of State John Kerry takes […]

IU, Watergate and the Clinton impeachment

People associate college campuses in the 1960s with New Left politics and countercultural lifestyles. There was quite a bit of that, but IU Bloomington in that era was also an influential incubator of conservative activism. A forum Wednesday sponsored by the IU Civic Leaders Center should make that clear. Featured guests will be IU alumni […]

Conservative attorney, Move to Amend director face off over campaign finance

James Bopp says corporations are collections of individuals that have come together for a specific purpose – so of course they should have the same rights that the Constitution guarantees to people. David Cobb says corporations are artificial entities, created by government action, and the idea that they enjoy constitutionally protected rights is a perversion […]

1960s Chicago activists to visit IU Bloomington for panel discussion Friday

They were the original Rainbow Coalition — community activists who joined together to fight racism, start social-service programs and take on the entrenched Democratic Party machine in 1960s Chicago. And the coalition made for surprising allies during those racially polarized times. It included the Illinois Black Panther Party, the Puerto Rican Young Lords and even […]

Why there’s no centrist third party in the US

With the national political parties and their loyalists growing more polarized, you’d think there would be an opening for a moderate third party to split the difference and become a force in American politics. But it hasn’t happened, and it isn’t likely to happen. Indiana University political scientist Edward Carmines and two co-authors explain why […]

IU historians: Tragedy of JFK’s death probably didn’t change course of history

What if John F. Kennedy had lived? Would American history have been different? The question has been getting the full treatment this week as news media mark the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. According to IU Bloomington historians, there’s just no good reason to think Kennedy would have steered the nation on a different course. […]

Former IU student trustee wins Indiana House seat

Anyone who watched Casey Cox when he was an IU Bloomington student leader and an Indiana University student trustee could have predicted he would have a future in politics. Cox took the next step in a political career this week when Republican precinct officials in Allen County elected him to serve in the Indiana House […]

IU study cited to help explain government shutdown

Two publications, Slate and the Atlantic, have cited a new study by IU Bloomington sociologist Clem Brooks as helping explain the current partial government shutdown. The study, co-authored by Jeff Manza of New York University and published in American Sociological Review, shows that public support in the U.S. for government programs grew weaker during the […]

Economic issues trouble local officials, IU survey finds

Finding money to pay the bills remains a top-shelf concern for local government officials in Indiana, according to a recent survey conducted by the Indiana University Public Policy Institute. And while local economic conditions may not be getting worse, they aren’t getting better either, officials say. “Local governments are making hard choices to address changing […]

Indiana superintendent of public instruction to speak at IU policy chat

Glenda Ritz scored a big political upset last November when she won election as Indiana superintendent of public instruction. Now she’s trying to implement a vision of education policy that doesn’t always square with the views of the state’s governor, legislators and State Board of Education members. She will be at Indiana University Bloomington next […]