Like it or not, US must engage with Middle East, panelists say

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Foreign policy decisions never exist in a bubble. Whichever presidential candidate takes office in 2017 will inherit, willingly or not, a Middle Eastern geopolitical scene with not only competing regional players but also a history of conflicting American policies. Future policymakers will be forced to follow a series […]

Constitution Day celebrates ‘conversation,’ not answers

The U.S. Constitution provides a framework for talking about and resolving serious differences of opinion in a disciplined, thoughtful and nonviolent manner, Duke University law professor H. Jefferson Powell said in a Constitution Day lecture today at IU Bloomington. “It’s a conversation,” he said. “It’s that conversation that we celebrate today.” But the conversation doesn’t […]

Obama’s comments on same-sex marriage reflect societal shift

President Barack Obama’s statement last week that he supports same-sex marriage reflects a massive and amazingly fast-paced change in social attitudes, says Brian Powell, an Indiana University sociologist who studies public beliefs about families and relationships. “It really has been a remarkable change,” he said. “I don’t think anyone would have predicted in 2003 that […]