IU’s Franklin Hall will be ‘election central’ Tuesday night

Planning to stay home and cower under the bed on election night? Here’s a better idea: Join IU Bloomington students, faculty and staff to watch election returns at Franklin Hall. The Franklin Hall commons will be “election central” on the evening of Nov. 8, with its 24-by-12-foot TV screen tuned to election coverage starting at […]

Free-speech champion Tinker to speak at IU Southeast

Look up any list of landmark Supreme Court cases and you’re likely to see a reference to Mary Beth Tinker, who as an Iowa junior-high student protested the Vietnam War and helped set the legal precedent that students don’t “shed their rights at the schoolhouse gate.” Now Tinker is on a multi-state civic education tour […]

NSA snooping: The more things change …

A news organization, relying on leaked information, reveals that the National Security Agency has been monitoring phone calls and email messages of Americans on a massive scale in an effort to identify international communications linked to terrorism. Civil-liberties advocates are outraged. Some members of Congress express concern while others say the program is necessary to […]

IU alumnus: Appeals to prejudice undermine trust in journalism

Bill O’Reilly once called Eric Deggans “one of the biggest race-baiters in the country” — apparently after Deggans, the TV and media critic for the Tampa Bay Times, accused the Fox News personality of using racially coded language in his TV commentaries. But Deggans, an IU School of Journalism alumnus, isn’t one to back down […]