Former ambassador: Iraq ‘on the verge of becoming a failing state’

The fall of Ramadi this week is a serious setback and suggests Iraq is close to becoming a failing state and a safe haven for international terrorism – precisely what the U.S. has tried prevent for 12 years — said Feisal Istrabadi, founding director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East at […]

IU conference to explore history behind Sunni-Shia conflict

Five hundred years have passed since the Ottomans defeated the Safavids of Persia in the Battle of Chaldiran, but the clash of the two empires continues to offer lessons for understanding Islamic history and identity, including the ongoing disagreements between Sunni and Shia branches. That’s the premise behind a scholarly conference taking place this Friday […]

IU experts to discuss developments in Iraq

Indiana University faculty expertise on international affairs is pretty remarkable. Equally impressive is the fact that these experts will find time, on very short notice, to share their insights with the public. Case in point: A discussion today on the latest news and events regarding conflict in Iraq and Syria. Titled “Back Again: U.S. & […]