Panelists pessimistic about addressing college costs

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Addressing the cost of college tuition is a challenge of politics, educational equality and policy. The risks are high. Rising tuition leads to overwhelming student debt and puts college out of reach for some. But despite the urgency, policy experts do not have the data to propose a […]

Panel to address rising cost of college

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Both college tuition and the necessity of a college degree in the job market are on the rise. Grants and scholarships often ease the sticker shock, but navigating federal, state, university and external aid channels is difficult. In turn, students take out loans and graduate with significant debt. […]

Sonneborn lecture: Range of causes, ‘no easy solutions’ on college costs

Don Hossler wrapped up his Indiana University Sonneborn Lecture on the rising cost of a college education with a paraphrase of the classic quote from a 1970 Pogo comic strip: “We have met the enemy and they are us.” At least, he argued, university faculty and administrators should recognize that they are responsible for establishing […]

Student-loan deal shows the system works

The student-loan legislation that President Barack Obama signed last week was a reminder that Republicans and Democrats can still lay aside their differences and get things done, says Leslie Lenkowsky, a professor of practice in the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs. And at a time when the public and politicians are sharply divided […]