Affordable Care Act shifted childbirth coverage to private insurance

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre In a research letter to the New England Journal of Medicine, Indiana University researchers show that the young-adult provision in the Affordable Care Act led to a decrease in Medicaid coverage of childbirth among women ages 19 to 26. Authors of the letter, titled “Dependent Coverage under the […]

SPEA research: Affordable Care Act didn’t cause loss of full-time jobs

New studies co-authored by Indiana University researchers push back against one of the most persistent criticisms of the Affordable Care Act: that its requirement for employers to provide health care coverage would push workers out of full-time jobs. The studies, published this week in the journal Health Affairs, draw on analyses of workforce and labor […]

IU physician to speak Thursday on treatment policy for undocumented patients

Guest post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Few topics have been so politically divisive in recent years as health care and immigration reform. Dr. Brian Decker is working to reframe the debate around treating undocumented patients as a discussion of ethical principles. This Thursday, as a part of the IU Poynter Center’s Healthcare […]

IU visiting scholar at center of Liberia’s battle against Ebola

Mosoka Fallah was hard at work in his native Liberia in early 2013 as part of an Indiana University project to establish a much-needed university curriculum in public health and to train nurses, physician assistants and others to provide public-health services in rural clinics. But events intervened, as they have a way of doing in […]

Ebola outbreak highlights need for IU-Liberia health collaboration

The Ebola outbreak in Liberia provides a dramatic illustration of the importance of an Indiana University initiative aimed at strengthening the public health and medical infrastructure of the West African country, say IU faculty members and administrators involved with the collaboration. Launched in early 2012, the Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences seeks […]

Human Trafficking Awareness Week includes lectures, discussions, film

The organizers of Human Trafficking Awareness Week at IU Bloomington have put together a full schedule of lectures, discussions and other activities. The Oct. 21-25 schedule is so packed that audiences will have to choose between events taking place at the same time. Here’s a partial list: Afghan-American journalist Fariba Nawa will speak on “Digging […]

IU study: Trayless dining hall option means less wasted food

Here’s a post written by IU Health & Vitality blogger Tracy James about one way that campus dining halls can reduce food waste. When a buffet-style dining hall at Indiana University Bloomington decided to go trayless, Victoria Getty and Krisha Thiagarajah, lecturers in the School of Public Health-Bloomington, saw an opportunity to study whether the […]

Seminar to address ‘personal responsibility’ in health policy

Is health care a personal responsibility or society’s responsibility? Is it a private good or a public good? Those questions have grown more urgent as the U.S. struggles to contain medical costs and implement the Affordable Care Act. Eric Wright, professor and director of the Center for Health Policy in the Fairbanks School of Public […]

‘Affordability’ issue in Affordable Care Act finally getting attention

Researchers at Indiana University and Cornell University exposed a dilemma with the federal Affordable Care Act in a paper that they produced last year. The paper didn’t get much media attention at the time. But the issue it raised may now start to get noticed, thanks to a story in The New York Times. The […]