IU experts share insights on 2015 Paris Climate Conference

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Just days away from the Dec. 11 conclusion of COP21, also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, agreements continue to fall short in the face of heightened stakes on the environment and security. For the first time since international environment talks began in the 1970s, the global […]

Human Trafficking Awareness Week includes lectures, discussions, film

The organizers of Human Trafficking Awareness Week at IU Bloomington have put together a full schedule of lectures, discussions and other activities. The Oct. 21-25 schedule is so packed that audiences will have to choose between events taking place at the same time. Here’s a partial list: Afghan-American journalist Fariba Nawa will speak on “Digging […]

Big Ten scientists: Extreme weather likely linked to climate change

The extreme weather that has gripped Indiana and much of the nation may well result from changes in the Earth’s climate, IU geographer Scott Robeson and colleagues from other Big Ten universities say in an op-ed that appeared in several Midwestern newspapers. Writing in Sunday’s Indianapolis Star, Robeson and Purdue University atmospheric chemist Paul Shepson […]

An argument for solution-oriented research

Researchers concerned with global change should pursue “solution-oriented” studies that can have an impact at the various levels where policy is made, Indiana University’s Elinor Ostrom and more than a dozen colleagues write in a recent article in the journal BioScience. “Global change research must reorient itself from a focus on biophysically oriented, global-scale analysis […]