Lecture explores importance of trauma-sensitive schools

Post courtesy of newsroom intern Amanda N. Marino: What teachers don’t know could be hurting their students’ educational and social development, Michael Gregory said. Gregory, Harvard Law School professor, was the keynote speaker Thursday for the annual Martha McCarthy Education Law and Policy Institute: The Future of Professional Ethics Conference. He addressed the issue of knowing where […]

Study ties ‘achievement gap’ to racial disparities in school discipline

Disparities in school discipline are estimated to account for about one-fifth of the “achievement gap” between white students and black students in U.S. schools, according to a recent study co-authored by an Indiana University Bloomington sociologist. The study, “The Punishment Gap: School Suspension and Racial Disparities in Achievement,” was published in the journal Social Problems. […]

Panelists pessimistic about addressing college costs

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Addressing the cost of college tuition is a challenge of politics, educational equality and policy. The risks are high. Rising tuition leads to overwhelming student debt and puts college out of reach for some. But despite the urgency, policy experts do not have the data to propose a […]

Panel to address rising cost of college

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Both college tuition and the necessity of a college degree in the job market are on the rise. Grants and scholarships often ease the sticker shock, but navigating federal, state, university and external aid channels is difficult. In turn, students take out loans and graduate with significant debt. […]

Sonneborn lecture: Range of causes, ‘no easy solutions’ on college costs

Don Hossler wrapped up his Indiana University Sonneborn Lecture on the rising cost of a college education with a paraphrase of the classic quote from a 1970 Pogo comic strip: “We have met the enemy and they are us.” At least, he argued, university faculty and administrators should recognize that they are responsible for establishing […]

Philanthropy doesn’t offset reduced school funding, IU economist finds

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Nonprofit and philanthropic activity is not enough to offset reduced state spending on K-12 schools, a study by an IU faculty member has found. Tax and expenditure limitations, known as TELs, cap state budgets, but the budget gap is not bridged by a counter and equal monetary response […]

Expert on African-American education to give public talk in Bloomington

The IU School of Education is partnering with the Monroe County Community School Corp. in Bloomington to sponsor a free public talk tonight by Tyrone Howard, professor of education and director of the Black Male Institute at UCLA. Howard will speak on “Awakening the Genius in the African-American Child” from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Nov. […]

The college information gap: Universities miss out on talented Latino students

Guest post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre After Indiana University celebrated an August enrollment that broke academic and diversity records, one professor argues that the college information gap still leaves entire groups of high school students behind. Sylvia Martínez, associate professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the IU School of Education, […]

IU expert: Harsh discipline doesn’t work, disproportionately affects students of color

Research shows that “zero-tolerance” school discipline policies don’t make schools safer and are likely to have negative effects on the students they’re supposed to help, Indiana University education professor Russell Skiba told a national radio audience Friday. The get-tough approach to discipline was widely adopted in the 1990s because officials thought suspension and expulsion would […]

Expert on segregation to speak Thursday at IU

“Brown at 60,” a lecture series last fall at the IU Maurer School of Law, used legal and historical analysis to explore how America backed away from its commitment to school desegregation in the decades following the Supreme Court’s landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision. Look for UCLA scholar Gary Orfield to tell the […]