Lecture, panel discussion to address carbon taxes and climate change

How can taxes on carbon emissions be an effective tool to fight climate change? A guest speaker and a panel of experts will examine the question Tuesday at Indiana University. Ian W.H. Parry, principal environmental fiscal policy expert with the International Monetary Fund, will be the keynote speaker for the event, which will take place […]

IU experts share insights on 2015 Paris Climate Conference

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Just days away from the Dec. 11 conclusion of COP21, also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, agreements continue to fall short in the face of heightened stakes on the environment and security. For the first time since international environment talks began in the 1970s, the global […]

Multidisciplinary panel unpacks the pope’s encyclical

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre: The papal encyclical released in June still has scholars wondering what changes in both policy and attitude can be expected, if any, from the holy document. A panel of Indiana University scholars gathered on Tuesday to discuss just that. Constance Furey, professor of religious studies; Philip Stevens, professor of […]

Report details anthropologists’ role in addressing climate change

Guest post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre Indiana University faculty are key contributors to a recent report from the American Anthropological Association detailing the ways that anthropologists are tackling climate change. The report, “Changing the Atmosphere: Anthropology and Climate Change,” is the final one in a series released by the association’s Global Climate […]

IU panel examines the challenges in communicating climate change

Harvard historian of science Naomi Oreskes doesn’t accept the idea that climate change is too big and complicated for ordinary citizens to understand or care about. She points to maple syrup producers, birders, snowboarders and others who report first hand on a changing climate. “All around the U.S. and the world, people are seeing climate […]

Climate change in our own back yard

Not long ago it was possible to think of climate change as an issue for the future, something our children and grandchildren may have to confront. No more. The problem “has moved firmly into the present,” says the third National Climate Assessment, prepared by eminent scientists and released this week. “Americans are noticing changes all […]

Cutting energy use takes information and motivation

We can all do a lot to reduce energy consumption – and lessen our contribution to climate change. But changing behavior can be a challenge, even if we want to change. That’s the dilemma that IU faculty member Shahzeen Attari confronts in her research and teaching. Start with the fact that most of us don’t […]

Students tackle issue of climate change

What should we be doing about climate change? The answer has so far eluded policymakers, but about 130 Indiana University Bloomington students will take a crack at the problem Saturday. They are enrolled in the PACE Issues Forum, a one-credit IU Bloomington course offered through the Political and Civic Engagement, or PACE, program. The session, […]

Big Ten scientists: Extreme weather likely linked to climate change

The extreme weather that has gripped Indiana and much of the nation may well result from changes in the Earth’s climate, IU geographer Scott Robeson and colleagues from other Big Ten universities say in an op-ed that appeared in several Midwestern newspapers. Writing in Sunday’s Indianapolis Star, Robeson and Purdue University atmospheric chemist Paul Shepson […]

Climate scientist: ‘Vested interests’ behind denial of global warming

Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann insists he is a reluctant and accidental public figure, but he’s not the type to back away from a fight. In an Earth Week lecture at IU Bloomington, he hit back hard at critics who have attacked his research showing how the Earth’s climate has warmed in recent decades. […]