Campaign finance: Obvious problems, no easy answers

Guest post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre An IU Bloomington panel of liberal, moderate and conservative political figures agreed that the money does matter when it comes to election campaigns. They pointed to the $7 billion spent on campaigns in 2012, a number that is not only an indication of a large increase […]

9/11 Commission says nation remains at risk

Ten years after the nation’s 9/11 Commission issued its landmark report, Americans remain at risk of terrorist attacks — and the public has little understanding or appreciation of the threat. That’s the conclusion that former members of the commission reach in an update marking the anniversary of their 2004 report to the nation. Former U.S. Rep. […]

Public TV series to spotlight IU’s Lee Hamilton, his pastor brother

This is such a great idea that it’s surprising it hasn’t been done before. WFYI, the Indianapolis public television station, has brought together former longtime Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton and his brother, the Rev. Richard Hamilton, for a series of talks about their lives and a range of issues. For those in the Indy viewing […]

Center on Congress provides teacher institutes, e-learning activities

Two summer institutes for teachers and a new website featuring innovative e-learning activities are the most recent efforts by the Center on Congress at Indiana University to accomplish its mission of raising awareness of Congress and its role in sustaining American democracy. This center’s inaugural teacher institutes will take place this week at IU Bloomington and […]