Immigrant rights activist: People ‘have a voice, and it’s powerful’

Politicians and organizations may claim credit, but real social change results from the determined work of ordinary people, immigrant rights activist Gaby Pacheco told a student audience at Indiana University Bloomington today. “We need to put the communities who are being affected by the issues at the forefront,” she said. “They have a voice, and […]

Historian to speak on Republican Party ‘crackup,’ rejection of moderation

Historian Geoffrey Kabaservice examined the Republican Party for his 2012 book “Rule and Ruin” and concluded it was headed for disaster. “What I saw was a party that had lost a lot of its moderate heritage,” he said. “It was moving away from seeing value in bipartisanship and compromise. And everything I more or less […]

Immigrant rights activist, scholar of segregation to speak at IU Bloomington

A nationally recognized immigrant rights leader and a scholar who specializes in studying racial segregation in education and housing will present public keynote lectures this week at a national public service conference for college students taking place at Indiana University Bloomington. The Oct. 20-23 conference, “Moving the World Forward: Exploring a Future in Public Service,” […]

Panel discussion will kick off new ethics conversations from IU Ethics Bowl

Post by IU Newsroom intern Amanda N. Marino An Oct. 17 panel discussion about values that should guide working life will kick off a new series of ethics conversations organized by the IU Ethics Bowl program. This first installment will begin a fresh dialogue about ethics geared toward undergraduate students. The discussion will begin at 7 p.m. in the […]