‘PBS NewsHour’ correspondent addressing ‘under-told’ stories in lecture

Post by IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre:

“PBS NewsHour” correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro will present a lecture Jan. 29 on the nexus of international reporting, under-reported social and political topics, and ethics.

Fred de Sam Lazaro

Fred de Sam Lazaro

In addition to reporting from more than 60 countries, de Sam Lazaro has worked at “PBS NewsHour” since 1985, contributes regularly to PBS’ “Religion and Ethics Newsweekly,” founded the Under-Told Stories Project in 2006 and directed documentaries in Asia and Africa for eight years.

His lecture, “Making the Foreign Less Foreign: The Under-Told Stories Project,” will take place at 4:30 p.m. Friday in the Global and International Studies Building auditorium.

The talk is sponsored by the Center on American and Global Security and is supported by the IU Media School speaker series. The lecture is free and open to the public.

“[De Sam Lazaro’s] work aligns with CAGS’ mission because it dovetails with the concept of human security,” said Sumit Ganguly, director of the center. “Individuals and societies face threats not only from military conflicts but from the lack of provision of health care, shelter and other basic human needs. His work has touched on all these issues.”

De Sam Lazaro’s talk will feature the Under-Told Stories Project, a reporting program he directs at the University of St. Thomas. PBS funds the project through grants and donations.

The collaborative project combines global journalism and teaching to produce high-quality multimedia storytelling for under-reported subjects. It teaches university students high-level reporting skills while encouraging them to reflect on what type of stories the mainstream media ignores. The project aims to “reawaken the generous curiosity of Americans” about the lives of global citizens that can no longer be ignored.

“My hope is that [the attendees’] curiosity about various global developments that are not routinely covered in mainstream media will be piqued as a consequence of his talk,” Ganguly said.

Recent project stories focused on India’s ban on beef consumption, Mexico’s diabetes crisis, reproductive health care in the Philippines and Pakistan’s tech boom.

De Sam Lazaro is particularly equipped to teach these reporting skills because he reports regularly on AIDS, development issues, social entrepreneurship, immigration, corruption, public health, religion and ethics. He also led the first American crew to report on the war in Darfur.

De Sam Lazaro’s work has been recognized with multiple honors, including a CINE Golden Eagle award, a Silver Angel Award from Excellence in Media and several other awards from journalism organizations.

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