Liberia is Ebola-free, but recovery will take time

May 9 brought a hugely important milestone for Liberia: It was the day the World Health Organization declared the West African nation to finally be free of Ebola virus disease. Nearly 5,000 people had died from Ebola in a country with a population of 4 million. More than 10,000 confirmed or suspected cases were reported […]

Former ambassador: Iraq ‘on the verge of becoming a failing state’

The fall of Ramadi this week is a serious setback and suggests Iraq is close to becoming a failing state and a safe haven for international terrorism – precisely what the U.S. has tried prevent for 12 years — said Feisal Istrabadi, founding director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East at […]

Nepal aftershocks highlight need for assistance

It has been another disastrous week for Nepal – and for people who hail from or care about Nepal, here in Bloomington and around the world. Just as relief efforts were gearing up in response to the massive earthquake that devastated the Himalayan country on April 25, a second large quake struck Tuesday morning. The […]

SPEA hosts academic conference on public finance

Guest post courtesy of IU Newsroom intern Annie Brackemyre America’s public finance system is struggling under the weight of bankrupted major cities, exorbitant health care spending and rising costs for programs like Social Security, experts say. The politics behind collecting revenue has changed, too. Local governments are now competing with each other to win over […]