Norway’s Utøya tragedy: Historian to discuss balance between memory and new life

The bombing of Norway’s Government Center and the murder of 69 young people at a Labor Youth League camp in July 2011 shook Norwegian society to its core. Then came a new challenge: How to memorialize the tragedy without letting memory overwhelm hope for the future. Norwegian historian Tor Einar Fagerland has been at the […]

IU, Watergate and the Clinton impeachment

People associate college campuses in the 1960s with New Left politics and countercultural lifestyles. There was quite a bit of that, but IU Bloomington in that era was also an influential incubator of conservative activism. A forum Wednesday sponsored by the IU Civic Leaders Center should make that clear. Featured guests will be IU alumni […]

IU history workshop to examine military labor

We’re not used to thinking of soldiers as workers. But, of course, they do some of the hardest and most dangerous work imaginable. They have bosses, and they get paid. That sounds like they are workers. But if soldiers are workers, what sort of workers are they? Is their labor different or special? Do they […]

Expert on Indian foreign policy to speak Monday at IU Bloomington

India has a new government and a controversial new leader, and the combination has raised speculation about the direction of foreign policy in the world’s largest democracy. That makes a program Monday at Indiana University Bloomington especially timely. David Malone, the rector of United Nations University and under-secretary-general of the U.N., will speak on “Evolving […]

IU conference to explore history behind Sunni-Shia conflict

Five hundred years have passed since the Ottomans defeated the Safavids of Persia in the Battle of Chaldiran, but the clash of the two empires continues to offer lessons for understanding Islamic history and identity, including the ongoing disagreements between Sunni and Shia branches. That’s the premise behind a scholarly conference taking place this Friday […]

Forum at IU to address prospects for closing Guantánamo Bay prison

A Miami Herald reporter and legal experts from the Washington University and IU McKinney law schools will join former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton on Monday for an Indiana University Bloomington panel discussion of the Guantánamo Bay detention center and prospects for closing the facility. Lee A. Feinstein, dean of the IU School of Global and […]

Julian Bond: Resistance, politics foiled promise of Brown v. Board of Education

The promise of Brown v. Board of Education has been broken over and over since the Supreme Court issued the decision 60 years ago, civil rights leader Julian Bond told an Indiana University audience Wednesday. But that doesn’t mean the ideals embodied in the decision were misguided. The problem, Bond said, was that Brown’s mandate […]

Ebola panel highlights IU expertise

The Ebola outbreak has overwhelmed West Africa’s fragile health-care systems and had a devastating effect on social and community institutions, Indiana University experts said in a public forum this week. They also expressed concern that panic over the spread of Ebola could distract attention from other health priorities and make it harder to check the […]

Former IU SPEA dean Astrid Merget dies

Astrid Merget, the third dean of the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs, has died after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was 69. Louisiana State University announced her death Monday. She was a professor in the LSU Public Administration Institute and was the university’s provost and executive vice chancellor from 2007-10. Merget […]