Legal scholar: Justices vie for ‘historical memory’ of school desegregation opinion

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2007 opinion tossing out a Seattle school desegregation plan wasn’t just about deciding a matter of law, Harvard legal scholar Mark Tushnet told an Indiana University audience Friday. The court also was taking sides in a battle over historical memory. In particular, the decision laid claim to the legacy of Brown […]

Hoosier to Hoosier sale sets another record

This fall’s Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale raised more than $33,000 for Habitat for Humanity ReStore and other causes, setting a mark for sales for the fifth consecutive year. Some 2,584 shoppers took advantage of the sale, which took place Aug. 23-24 in Bloomington and provided new homes for used furniture, appliances, household goods and […]

IU experts to discuss developments in Iraq

Indiana University faculty expertise on international affairs is pretty remarkable. Equally impressive is the fact that these experts will find time, on very short notice, to share their insights with the public. Case in point: A discussion today on the latest news and events regarding conflict in Iraq and Syria. Titled “Back Again: U.S. & […]

IU visiting scholar at center of Liberia’s battle against Ebola

Mosoka Fallah was hard at work in his native Liberia in early 2013 as part of an Indiana University project to establish a much-needed university curriculum in public health and to train nurses, physician assistants and others to provide public-health services in rural clinics. But events intervened, as they have a way of doing in […]

Endangered species protection requires reform, not reaction, professor tells panel

It will take systematic reform – and not piecemeal legislation and micro-management by Congress – to make the federal Endangered Species Act more effective, Indiana University law professor Robert L. Fischman told a congressional committee this week. “The ESA is akin to a crowded hospital emergency room with a long wait,” he said. “The most […]

Conservative attorney, Move to Amend director face off over campaign finance

James Bopp says corporations are collections of individuals that have come together for a specific purpose – so of course they should have the same rights that the Constitution guarantees to people. David Cobb says corporations are artificial entities, created by government action, and the idea that they enjoy constitutionally protected rights is a perversion […]

U MAD, Professor?

Back during the Cold War, we relied on a doctrine of MAD, or “mutually assured destruction,” to ensure the U.S. and Soviet Union didn’t go to war against each other. Each side had enough nuclear weapons to destroy the other many times over. Launching an attack would have been suicidal. Nowadays the focus for nuclear weapons […]