Earthquake simulator helps raise awareness

Walt Gray, education outreach coordinator for the Indiana Geological Survey, has a challenging job: persuading people to get ready for earthquakes in Indiana, where quakes are rare. Fortunately, there’s the Quake Cottage, an earthquake simulator that IGS is using to provide a real-life demonstration of just how scary and potentially damaging a quake can be. […]

An argument for solution-oriented research

Researchers concerned with global change should pursue “solution-oriented” studies that can have an impact at the various levels where policy is made, Indiana University’s Elinor Ostrom and more than a dozen colleagues write in a recent article in the journal BioScience. “Global change research must reorient itself from a focus on biophysically oriented, global-scale analysis […]

House vote on NSF funding gets attention of political scientists

A vote last week by the U.S. House sent political scientists into the arena that they normally study. The chamber voted 218-208 for an amendment by Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., to bar the National Science Foundation from spending money in 2013 on political science research. The vote was mostly along party lines, Republicans for and […]

Obama’s comments on same-sex marriage reflect societal shift

President Barack Obama’s statement last week that he supports same-sex marriage reflects a massive and amazingly fast-paced change in social attitudes, says Brian Powell, an Indiana University sociologist who studies public beliefs about families and relationships. “It really has been a remarkable change,” he said. “I don’t think anyone would have predicted in 2003 that […]

Lugar-Mourdock race draws attention to Indiana – and to IU experts

Indiana University politics experts have been pulling double and triple duty in recent days, responding to interview requests from news media about the Indiana Republican primary election for U.S. Senate. As it became clear that six-term Sen. Richard Lugar could be headed for defeat, reporters from around the U.S. and as far away as Australia […]

Climate scientist: ‘Vested interests’ behind denial of global warming

Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann insists he is a reluctant and accidental public figure, but he’s not the type to back away from a fight. In an Earth Week lecture at IU Bloomington, he hit back hard at critics who have attacked his research showing how the Earth’s climate has warmed in recent decades. […]