Lab coats, gloves and whoops of laughter make up Golden Goggles games

Zachary Balda, Brandon Boyton, Nicholas Hubbard, Taylor Peavey and Adam Sussman.

The Dream Team captures the Golden Goggles. Team members are: Zachary Balda, Brandon Boyton, Nicholas Hubbard, Taylor Peavey and Adam Sussman.

There were the regular accessories of a scientist. White lab coat? Check. Rubber gloves? Check. And of course, goggles. Check.

Whoops of laughter? You bet!

After all, it was the School of Science at IUPUI’s Golden Goggles competition. The annual science games drew 150 students, faculty and staff Feb. 17 who engaged in physical and mental science-related challenges to win the coveted Golden Goggles.

Divided into teams that ranged from three to five players, the competitors faced a series of timed contests from scaling an obstacle course to team trivia in a tournament.

There was a “Riddle Me This” challenge that had to do with resources for science students, with teams advised “To Win this Golden Goggles test, answer these riddles before the rest!” a word scramble involving science words and science trivia, with questions spread across scientific fields.

There was a giant-sized “Operation” game to challenge players’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. All members of a team had to collect as many pieces as possible within five minutes

Another challenge tested a team’s communication skills, with players tasked to build an exact replica of a geometric shape hidden in a box, using materials that were provided. The catch was only one member of a team was allowed to view the shape. That player had to provide guidance to other team members building the shape.

A student playing Golden Goggles

A Golden Goggles competitor grabs a balloon as part of the Mad Scientist challenge.

There was the Mad Scientist challenge too, in which players donned lab coats, goggles and gloves and then sprinted through an inflated obstacle course. While doing that, each member of a team grabbed a colored balloon. The balloons were used to build a water molecule, with balloons representing two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

At the end of the afternoon’s competition, the Dream Team had emerged victorious in its quest for the elusive Golden Goggles.

One student said the Golden Goggles help poke a hole in the stereotype that science is boring, saying, “This is fun!” Another student said the event allowed members of the School of Science family to put their studies’ away for an afternoon and come together to enjoy the day.

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