IU Kelley School of Business publication offers a preview of economic conditions in 2017

As we come to the end of another year, among our society’s many annual rituals is to make predictions for the coming year. Faculty in Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business are no different. IU Kelley professors traveled to 10 cities across Indiana last month, presenting their annual economic forecast for 2017 with a local […]

IU Kelley School of Business experts expect 2015 will be marked by strong economic growth

The Great Recession may have ended in the United States in 2009, but the past five years of economic recovery have felt like anything but that to many Americans. The 2007-09 downturn was the worst since the 1930s, and the economy has struggled to regain its footing since then. But as we look ahead to […]

No sign of a housing bubble in Indiana, according to new IU Kelley School report

Over the last several weeks, there have been growing concerns by some economists about another bubble in housing, as home prices continue to rise around the country. For the first time since 2005, each of the country’s 50 most populous cities is seeing higher home prices, which pessimists say is unsustainable. A new report by […]

Growing the life sciences economic sector in Indiana and why it’s important to you

Nearly a decade ago, Indiana’s business leaders identified the state’s health care and life science industries as a foundation for further economic growth. An organization, BioCrossroads, was established to serve as a catalyst and today provides funding and other support for this purpose, along with that from state government. Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business […]

THE outlook for 2013

Back in early November, economists at Indiana University and its Kelley School of Business unveiled their forecast for 2013, per their annual custom. It suggests that the outlook for Indiana will be slow but steady growth next year. On Thursday, the Indiana Business Research Center will release its Outlook 2013 edition of the Indiana Business […]

What Washington needs: No rhetoric, just some sensible IU expertise about the “fiscal cliff”

President Barack Obama and Republican congressional leaders now have less than three weeks to hammer out a tax and spending deal ahead of the Jan. 1 deadline for the so-called “fiscal cliff.” Unless an agreement is reached, a set of automatic tax increases and spending cuts could have a dramatic impact on the economy. Among […]

Where is the economy headed? Check with the Indiana Business Research Center

Given all of the election-year discussion about jobs and the economy, it can be difficult to find a balanced and impartial view about dollars and sense (pun intended). Since 1925, the Indiana Business Research Center has provided and interpreted economic information needed by the state’s businesses, government and nonprofit organizations and families sitting around the […]