As revealed in new book, retired IU professor is ‘at home with Ernie Pyle’

Over the past 17 years, Owen V. Johnson has pored over hundreds of letters and articles written by the acclaimed journalist and Indiana native Ernie Pyle. He’s spoken with many of the writer’s family members and friends and walked in his footsteps. As a result, it’s almost as if the retired Indiana University journalism professor […]

New book by international studies professor documents troubled history of global environmental protection

Guest post courtesy of Charles Carney of the IU School of Global and International Studies Later this year, the United Nations will assemble the Climate Change Conference, with a goal of reaching a comprehensive and binding agreement on climate change policy. Stephen Macekura, assistant professor of international studies at the Indiana University School of Global […]

Indiana Statehouse honors an IU ambassador, Patrick O’Meara, along with an Olympian

For nearly half a century, Patrick O’Meara has traveled around the world as an ambassador for Indiana University and the values of higher education in general. O’Meara has met presidents, including Nelson Mandela, in his native country of South Africa, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman elected as president of Liberia or of any […]

Kelley professor’s investment outlook for 2014 not as gloomy as overall economic forecast

Amid the deep concerns raised by his peers at the IU Kelley School of Business, who were delivering an annual forecast for 2014, finance professor Rob Neal offered some hope to investors. He opened by noting that returns on stock market investments have been averaging about 7 percent annually, a little less than the historical […]

Tree huggers, tough questions and a blue frog part of Kelley School learning experience

A few days ago, the management team of a growing international water utility company visited Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. While here, the CEO and other top executives met with students, faced inquisitive journalists from around the world and were confronted by loud and angry protests from environmentalists. Not really. Please allow me to […]

Women hope business program helps them overcome barriers to career success in Pakistan

Much has been chronicled about the “glass ceiling” in the United States. Barriers to advancement for women in business careers aren’t always initially apparent. However, for women in a developing economy such as Pakistan, that usually isn’t the problem. The problem is that the barriers are obvious, not opaque. “In Pakistan, for women, particularly the […]

From Damascus to Bloomington, a Syrian scholar finds refuge

With little more than a suitcase, Abdal-Razzaq Moaz arrived at Indiana University Bloomington on Feb. 1, following a dramatic escape from Syria. An expert on the history of Islamic art and architecture who has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University five times and a former deputy minister within the Syrian government, Moaz has a […]

THE outlook for 2013

Back in early November, economists at Indiana University and its Kelley School of Business unveiled their forecast for 2013, per their annual custom. It suggests that the outlook for Indiana will be slow but steady growth next year. On Thursday, the Indiana Business Research Center will release its Outlook 2013 edition of the Indiana Business […]

Head back to South America with IU

According to a new World Bank report, as discussed on the CNN blog Global Public Square, Latin America has millions of reasons to be considered on the rise. Seventy million women joined the labor market in recent years, contributing to a reduction in extreme poverty. Between 2003 and 2009, nearly 50 million people entered the […]

IU’s Muslim Voices celebrates the “Feast of the Sacrifice” and 25,000 Twitter followers

During the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East, the microblogging service Twitter was at the epicenter of those events, as millions of people followed minute-by-minute updates and firsthand reports from users to the rest of the world. Among the Twitter feeds relaying many of those reports was Muslim Voices, a joint project between Indiana […]