IU’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures has ‘never been more relevant’

EDITOR’S NOTE: The origins of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures were the subject of a previous article. Today, as the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures in Indiana University’s School of Global and International Studies celebrates its 50th anniversary, there were moments when that milestone seemed less certain. In 1979, at […]

A busy fall for diplomatic visits at IU Bloomington

Bloomington may not yet be in the same league as New York and Geneva, but judging from the number of diplomatic visitors to Indiana University this fall, it might seem time to build a few embassies. Seriously, visits by ambassadors, consul generals and other high-level officials is a regular occurrence, as one would expect at […]

New program exposes high school students to languages spoken in emerging markets

Traditionally, when people think of languages in which business is conducted, rarely do they think of Swahili and Portuguese. However, as markets such as Brazil emerge along with African economies such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Mozambique, the language of commerce no longer is simply English or “lingua franca.” Middle Eastern countries such as […]