‘A historic day for IU and a historic day for the new School of Global and International Studies’

On Monday, they brought out the shiny shovels that are only used at symbolic groundbreaking ceremonies. In a couple of weeks, the more worn construction equipment will be used in earnest to begin work on the new home of the School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University Bloomington. Vice President Joe Biden and […]

Professor’s research looks at why CEOs cheat

Here’s a guest post from Sally Winter, writing about a faculty member at the IU Kelley School of Business Indianapolis. When a dishonest executive fraudulently reports his or her company’s earnings, the deception is often hidden behind competitive compensation practices and complex systems — either the finances or the product itself is difficult to understand […]

A visiting diplomat makes a strong case for language education in today’s business world

  Michael Guest was a State Department diplomat for more than a quarter century, serving in a wide range of executive-level positions in Washington and overseas. He admitted recently to a gathering of language educators at Indiana University that “fluency often was replaced by seat-of-the-pants.” “I developed what I call ‘language islands,’” Guest confessed. “I’m […]

Vision decades ago leads to 50 years of success for East Asian Languages and Cultures

Indiana University’s Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures recently marked its 50th anniversary with guest lectures and remembrances. They reminded us of how others’ long-range views have created a foundation for further success in the 21st century. EALC alumni, faculty, students and guests from across the Bloomington campus gathered on April 4 for a […]