IU’s Muslim Voices celebrates the “Feast of the Sacrifice” and 25,000 Twitter followers

During the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East, the microblogging service Twitter was at the epicenter of those events, as millions of people followed minute-by-minute updates and firsthand reports from users to the rest of the world. Among the Twitter feeds relaying many of those reports was Muslim Voices, a joint project between Indiana […]

Thinking about the impact of work, beyond paychecks, careers and personal goals

About a week ago, construction on a new home for Doyle, Ashley and Hailey Kell wrapped up at IU Bloomington. Their home has been moved from the build site near the DeVault Alumni Center to an empty lot at 14th Street and Woodburn Avenue and the family soon will be moving in, leaving public housing […]

Where is the economy headed? Check with the Indiana Business Research Center

Given all of the election-year discussion about jobs and the economy, it can be difficult to find a balanced and impartial view about dollars and sense (pun intended). Since 1925, the Indiana Business Research Center has provided and interpreted economic information needed by the state’s businesses, government and nonprofit organizations and families sitting around the […]