On the scene in Beijing

Since opening an office in Beijing nearly 16 months ago, Indiana University’s Research Center for Chinese Politics and Business has “become a part of the regular community of scholars and stakeholders in China and a normal part of the conversation.” “We possibly could have done it without an office in China, but it would have […]

What a professor learned about manufacturing productivity through knee surgery

Here’s a guest post from Sally Winter, writing about a faculty member at the IU Kelley School of Business Indianapolis. When it came to designing his steel mills, Andrew Carnegie focused on speed and efficient materials handling. His lieutenants ran the mills at a steady, high speed and at full capacity. After Carnegie was bought […]

Why IU needs a new School of Global and International Studies

For more than a century, scholars at Indiana University have studied world cultures and historical traditions that have defined nations. IU’s international legacy dates back to 1901, when an education professor was appointed as superintendent of education for the Philippines and students from that country as well as China and Japan arrived in Bloomington.  Decades […]